Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Third Circuit Blog

Third Circuit Blog
In USA v. Abrogar, No. 06-1215 (Aug. 18, 2006), appellant's sentence for failing to an keep accurate oil record book (required for ships by international treaty prohibiting oily waste discharges and 33 USC 1908(a)) was enhanced 6 levels because the offense "resulted in" discharges of oily waste, USSG 2Q1.3(b)(1). The Third Circuit disagreed, first observing that the offense only encompasses the failure to maintain accurate records while the ship is in US waters or at a US port. Applying a relevant conduct analysis, the Court reasoned that since no discharges occurred in US waters, they didn't occur during the commission of, in preparation for, or in the course of attempting to avoid detection for, the offense of conviction. Reversed and remanded.

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