Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Recent 3rd Cir decisions on Booker

The 3rd Circuit has issued two decisions recently regarding US v. Booker, one relating to retroactivity for 2255 purposes, and the other relating to waivers of appeal:

In US v. Garry D. Lloyd, No. 04-3549 (3d Cir. 5/17/05), (click to open) the Circuit followed other circuits in holding that Booker is not retroactive for purposes of collateral attack under section 2255. The Court ruled that although Booker states a new rule, it is not a "watershed" rule for Teague purposes, and therefore is not retroactively applicable to cases which became final before Booker was issued.

In US v. Rogers Lockett, III, No. 04-2244 (3d Cir. 5/5/05), (click to open), the Circuit affirmed the denial of a motion to suppress evidence. The Circuit also refused to remand for resentencing in light of Booker because appellant had waived the right to raise sentencing issues on appeal, having reserved only the right to appeal the motion to suppress. The Court reasoned that the waiver of appeal was not rendered unknowing or involuntary by the unanticipated ruling in Booker, since a defendant pleading guilty and waiving the right to appeal always takes the risk that there will be future developments in the law that he or she will not be able to take advantage of.

The District Court's indication of the sentence it would impose before the defendant allocuted was not reversible plain error.

              In United States v. Packer , 83 F.4th 193 (3d Cir. Sept. 26, 2023), https://www2.ca3.uscourts.gov/opinarch/222554p.pdf , the ...