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Evidence of Uncharged Solicitations Admissible under Rule 404(b) in Hobbs Act Extortion and Federal Programs Bribery Prosecution

In United States v. Repak, No. 15-4011, 2017 WL 1149100 (3d Cir., March 28, 2017), Defendant challenged his conviction for two counts each of Hobbs Act extortion and federal program bribery. During his tenure as executive director of the Jonestown Redevelopment Authority ("JRA”), Defendant ran the daily operations of the organization, including making recommendations to the board regarding which businesses should be awarded contracts and grants to perform work for or establish business in Jonestown. The government charged Defendant with soliciting gifts from contractors to whom JRA had awarded contracts, including event tickets, golf outings, a new roof for his house and excavation services for his son’s gym. Defendant raised several challenges to his convictions, specifically in relation to the lower court’s evidentiary rulings, the jury instructions, the sufficiency of the trial evidence, and the prosecutor’s closing arguments.

The government sought to admit evidence under Rule…